How soon we become accustomed!!!!

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Re: How soon we become accustomed!!!!

Postby wini » Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:39 am

Yeah. A couple of years we had an electritity failure. I wanted to call somebody and luckily still had a phone that worked without being plugged into electricity. But I didn't have the company's number, and had arrogantly thrown away my paper phone directory months before that, because - you know - we keep phone numbers in Excel files or search those things online now, baby.

No, we don't - at least not if the damn thing stays black for hours ...
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Re: How soon we become accustomed!!!!

Postby waldo » Fri Jul 03, 2009 8:56 am

svin wrote:Without email and access to the word processing programs, all of the assistants were without the ability to do their work. The attorneys were forced to take to the phones to conduct business. We were forced to fire up the fax machine to send some letters out.

We moved to a new office recently, and the first day nothing worked. Network logins, various schemes to connect remotely to the old office, an incomprehensible VOIP phone system, it was a mess.

I had anticipated this and brought a lot of work with me (a lot of what I do is reviewing documents in hard copy, and I'd printed a bunch in advance and brought it with me that morning), so while everybody else was paralyzed, I was working away.
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