The Ragbirds

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The Ragbirds

Postby Here In GR » Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:59 am

I just came back from our local brewpub where on this cold December night I went tyo see our own Local World-Beat group The Ragbirds! They are wildly popular around here and are always on the summer festival circuit and as a matter of fact I believe the first time I heard them was when they were on the same bill as POCO up at the Bliss Fest! Tonight was just awsome with DANCING the whole time and yes HIPPIES be there! The songs and the hair got longer as the evening went on. The evening ended with every one of them playing just DRUMS of every which kind all up and down the stage! It was amazing as they ALWAYS are. The two lead singers and instrumentalists are Brother & sister by the way.You MUST check them out!
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