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Poco Spans State Lines and Generations

Postby CurlyQfromLI » Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:51 pm

I just wanted to tell this story and only those reading this board can truly appreciate this...

I left the craziness of Long Island after a grueling few weeks...typical stuff..work junk, family issues, ex issues.. and I just buried my beloved father-in-law.

So I took off to PA...I stopped for gas at a little station in the boon-docks of north NJ..a nice, young man (probably about 24 years old or so) waited on me. (New Jersey does not allow "self-serve" gas ANYWHERE)

As I glanced at him while he was pumping, I saw a beautiful tattoo on the inner portion of his forearm...it was the "running horse" logo..

I asked him if that was indeed what it was.."YES..and my dad has one too..we love the band"..A local artist had done a beautiful job on it. I told him about a "friend" who also had one similar...DAR, I was thinking of you..

I was playing "The Last Round-Up" cd in the car and proceeded to blast it. I them showed him my CD case, which of course is chock full of their music.

My kids were MORTIFIED to say the least..but he said "WOW..your are obsessed" !!
I guess I am.

That little encounter MADE MY DAY ! Just wanted to share with you all. See, POCO is loved in many states (and countries) and by many different age groups.

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