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Bela Fleck Movie Throw Down Your Heart

Postby AlexInRI » Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:53 pm

Bela Fleck made a personal appearance at a small movie theatre in Providence yesterday promoting his film Throw Down Your Heart. He went to Africa ostensibly to find the origin of the banjo. One of the people he encountered told him the legend of the slave traders hiding in the woods near the ocean playing the banjo to lure their victims to kidnap them. The elders in the tribe would warn the young people to beware of these people but if they were ever captured, they should thrown down their heart because they would never see their home again. Chilling.

The music he encounters is amazing. There is this blind guy in Tanzania who has since come over here and toured with Bela who plays the thumb piano. He makes the thing sound like a harp. In all he toured Africa for five weeks and shot 250 hours of film that he edited down to 90 minutes or so. If he comes to your town, I highly recommend you go. He also played some amazing banjo at the end of his talk. No superstar attitude, he's just a normal guy who can play an instrument better than God ever intended.

For the next couple of months he's touring with some of the African musicians he encountered. I'm going to try and make Vermont date in August if I can juggle a few things.
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