Hello Again, a POCO Story, and nagging question...

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Hello Again, a POCO Story, and nagging question...

Postby BIGTIMEFANSINCE69 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:19 am

Hello, I had been a registered member some years back but was called to a task oudside the area. But I am back and I hope still welcome. I have a somewhat long-winded question and a request for assistance from you fellow fans.

I apologize for asking your help in this matter, but for years I've not been able to find any confirming information concerning a great POCO show, 1985 I think but could have been 1984.

This date is not in the show database, but since my friends and I were there, we know it did take place. This was a very special show, as I'll get to later. It has been just bugging me not being able to get any good research done on this !

The venue was the "Texas Chili Factory" in Santa Barbara, Ca. Unfortunately the place burned to the ground during the infamous and catastrophic "Painted Cave" fire. That's part of the difficulty in finding any records of the many concerts that had been held there prior to its demise.

OK, here's the scenario: Santa Barbara being a city with many POCO fans, the show I mention was enthusiastically advertised and promoted. The S.B. New-Press entertainment section, with its rave-up on the gig, is unavailable from archives, as they only go back to 1996 or so. An other dead-end.

My friend Dan T. and I being big fans as well, took a half day off from our jobs to get in early and get good seats. We had a sizable contingent of friends from North S.B. County coming to the show and we went early as an "Advance Team".

We arrived before noon and wound up having lunch with POCO's current producer, who was also doing (an excellent) job operating their sound gear. I cannot recall his name, but the dude had great ears and really knew his stuff. He had some very well produced recorded tracks they were using for practice, and "refining the performance" of some of the band's older material.

We talked about the band's plans and of course our enthusiasm about the show. As showtime time grew closer, D. and I secured great seats right up front, and during a soundcheck Rusty said "Geez, you guys have been here forever". In a way, yes.

Now, for the special part, which came at the start of their last set, when a Limo pulled up and Jimmy Messina gets out. He had on the most awesome cowboy boots and was very well dressed. Everyone in the band (at least the old timers as far as we could tell) were very happy to see him there. He sat in on a few songs at the end, was very nervous at first but of course he got that out of the way, as a consummate pro does.

The last song was "Act Naturally". When it was over Jim's "cheat sheet" with the lyrics was lying on stage and I asked him to autograph it which he did. And just like that he was gone.

It seems odd that this show "fell through the cracks" as far as the concert database is concerned. I would not expect any band members to remember it with the thousands of shows they have played although the Messina visitation might be a significant event to remember. It was around 15 years since he had left the group.

I am hoping that a member or members here attended and might have some info regarding this event.

Thanks for tolerating my indulgence.

Best Regards, Rich P.
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