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NPC: Music Shows this Weekend

Postby MA_nut » Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:39 pm

Hi all;

This weekend I went to a couple of shows in CT. I'm missing my Poco show fix because they would come to New England about 2 or 3 times a year. So, on back to back nights I went to see NGDB and Lonestar.

Both shows were very good. NGDB has been together since 1966. Jeff Hanna is a very talented songwriter, guitar player, and front man. John McEuen is very good on the banjo, mandy, and fiddle. Bob Carpenter is steady on Keyboard and is an under-rated singer. I especially like his singing on "Bless the Broken Road" and "She" (the old Gram Parsons song). But, there was very little story-telling and the after show signing and meeting with people was not that great. I could kinda tell they wanted to be anywhere but at the table. I guess I got spoiled by how Poco did that.

Now Lonestar is completely different. They put on a good show. No story telling and no meeting and signing after the show. They actually had security blocking the tent they were in after the show. Also, in order to actually buy a ticket to their shows you have to pay a fee (fan club membership) to gain access on their website to the page to buy the ticket. Before the show there was supposed to be a "Meet and Greet" with "fan club members". We were instructed to get there way before the show to get instructions for the M & G. We all got there early only to find out that the M & G was cancelled. Well, there was this one "fan" who travelled a couple of hours from the Boston area to be there to meet the band and see the show. Let's say, he'll remain nameless. He let one of the show admins know exactly what he thought of the cancellation. Already long story short, the M & G was back on but it consisted of us lining up and in an assembly shake their hands and have a picture taken with them. Again I guess I got spoiled by Poco and how they treated their fans. But, I'll give Lonestar a break because they have only been popular for 20 years.

So, I got to hear some good music this weekend......but something was missing. And most Poconuts kinda know what I mean.

Mike R.
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