Don Felder in Atlantic City NJ

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Don Felder in Atlantic City NJ

Postby whofannj » Wed Sep 10, 2014 3:37 pm

Well let me tell ya, the Eagles booted the wrong guy from the band. Holy moly is this guy awesome solo. First off, got comp tickets with a buddy last Saturday. Won $100 at roulette waiting for the show. Starts off with Hotel Cali and half the audience wasn't even seated yet. Loved it. Thats what ya get for being late. But let me tell ya, he can sing as well as any Eagle and shreds the frets like no other. Set list was in no particular order, HC, Already Gone, Those Shoes(HIGHLIGHT), Tequila Sunrise, Long Run, Heartache 2nite, LITFL, Victim of Love(OTHER HIGHTLIGHT), Peaceful Easy zzzzzz(I just can so pass on that song), a new tune which was pretty good, Heavy Metal(Much better live), Take It Easy, Witchy Woman,One of these nights,and Pride and Joy tribute to SRV.The Band was hot but I don't know their names to share.He was in great voice and made no mention of being kicked out. Very amiable and talkative and sincerely seemed happy to be here and playing for us. Afterwards, while waiting for the crowd to thin, he came back to the stage and signed autographs. Luckily, I had my copy of Heaven and Hell which he signed for me.(I am a whore for autographs). I only wish he would tour with Bernie. That would be a great show too. EDIT= and Seven Bridges Road. WOW. how did I forget.
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