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A Great Feelin' To Know

Postby Sideshow Bob » Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:33 pm

42 years ago tonight I attended my very first concert--Poco, on the Good Feelin to Know tour.

The show was fantastic, the band was flawless, and the sound was great. George's drumming was amazing, Paul was in complete command on guitar, Rusty's steel guitar sound filled the place...it was there that I first learned that those keyboard sounds on the albums were actually Rusty. Tim was like his description on Deliverin, transmitting instant likeability. And Richie's voice was as incredible as ever.

I hadn't heard any of the AGFTK songs before that night, so the first time I ever heard And Settlin Down, Ride the Country, and Early Days and others was seeing Poco perform them about 50 feet in front of me. I remember being really knocked out by Railroad Days and other earlier tunes as well.

That night there was more than just a little bit of magic.

But hardly anyone was there. It was a disappointment to me, and I read a comment a few years ago that it was a disappointment for the band as well--they lost money on that show, at the University of Wyoming. I didn't understand how that could be, since I was a high school kid living in Cheyenne. Somehow, someone got a poster advertising the show in the hallway at my school, although I seemed to be the only one at my school who knew who they were (I'd been a huge fan since their second album, POCO). I didn't have a car to drive to Laramie, but I finagled one of my buddies to take a bunch of us. They all became fans that night.

Poco overcame their disappointment and blew the roof off the joint, and were completely professional in every way. I hope Rusty or someone reads this and knows they really did reach someone that night (although I doubt any of them will remember that specific night--I still haven't forgotten it).
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