Whiskey-A-GoGo 1972

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Whiskey-A-GoGo 1972

Postby StewartN » Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:10 pm

I took a three-week vacation in L.A. In 1972. First time out of Scotland, age 20, I had already been drumming semi-pro for 8 (yes 8) years. I went along to the Whiskey on a Sunset - Thursday night, two bands, no big deal. Support act was an eight-piece called SEATRAIN! Blew me away! I had nearly recovered during the interval....headliner.....POCO....Honestly took me five years to get over that three weeks! Musicianship, Harmonies, Blend, it was, excuse my language, #@$!' perfect.
Happy days!
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