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Re: Buffalo Springfield Reunion

Postby DooDa Dave » Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:28 pm

No one mentions Crosby's time in the Springfield. If you put him in there with Messina, Furay, Stills and Young, you'd have something, especially if Cotton and R. Young were backing them up.
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DooDa Dave
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Re: Buffalo Springfield Reunion

Postby russpi » Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:28 am

Crosby only did one show, Monterey Pop. Maybe they can get Doug Hastings or Jim Fielder. But I really think the coolest thing would just the three of them acoustic. I've often thought it would great to have that happen, along with an acoustic Byrds reunion (McGuinn/Crosby/Hillman), and Poco at the Bridge Concerts. Heck, throw in the Hollies and CSNY. Just an idea.
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