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Naomi's health

Postby studiogirl » Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:46 pm

I got a call from Ursula, Naomi's mother, who wanted me to know that Naomi has had a tough go of it after returning home following her somewhat recent removal of a tumor in her brain. Despite the physical therapy and being discharged, she has continued to have some falling episodes, so she is now back in a rehabilitation facility not far from her home, and getting more physical therapy.

I spoke to her a little while ago, and she is okay, but she sure would rather not be there. So, if you want to brighten her me and I'll give you her phone number. I'm reluctant to post it in public on the internet. You can PM me through this board, find me on Facebook, or email me at She's going to be there for a week (or so or more) I can get the mailing address and will post it in case anyone wants to send a note or card.
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