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Request to Use One of Rusty's Songs

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:59 pm
by DavidBoles
Apologies for the post as this probably not the best forum to make such a request; however; could not find a more appropriate manner to make contact.

Our non-profit Song & Dance group up in Calgary Alberta Canada has produced a video of its recent performance at the Calgary Stampede. We have included as a background song in the latter portion of the video Rusty's incredible song "Rose of Cimmeron".

Our organizations focus is the development of youth with cultural song and dance and we have been in existence for 40 years... this being our anniversary year.

Although the video has been produced we have not yet published it to our Vimeo Pro account as we are requesting permission to use Rusty's song now. If I had an email, I could make a more formal request.

Can you please advise us how to proceed.