Poco Reunion?

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Poco Reunion?

Postby old school » Sat Feb 25, 2017 11:48 pm

Saw Jim Messina tonight. From the stage he said that he and Rusty are discussing doing some Poco dates, probably next year. At the meet and greet I wanted to ask Jim if Tim would play bass, and who the drummer would be but didn't get the chance.

Hope this isn't premature on my part, just wanted to share the info.
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Re: Poco Reunion?

Postby mary » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:29 am

Yes, that's true. Rusty & Jim spoke at length the other day. Jim has a bass player & Jack is Poco's, so no, Timothy would be touring with them.
Rusty will be having scheduled dates with the record label for his new solo CD, so it's hard to say when he'll be doing the shows with Jimmy, at this time.
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