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Timothy B. Schmidt

Postby Gus » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:20 pm

I saw TBS at the City Winery in Chicago on Tuesday night and he was excellent. He voice is still very strong after the cancer recovery. He has a very good band and the instrumentation, vocals and harmonies are spot on. He was very engaging with the audience and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy performing. He went about two hours and included two Poco songs, I Can See Everything and Keep on Trying.

I highly recommend seeing him if comes to a town near you.
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Re: Timothy B. Schmidt

Postby kroney » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:33 pm

I was there with you on Tuesday Gus. Really great show. It's nice to see how comfortable Tim has become as a solo performer. And what a band! Hank Linderman on guitar and a fellow who's name I didn't catch that was at one time musical director for The Beach Boys on keys,bass and vocals. His percussionist was absolutely phenomenal and of course I didn't catch his name either. Maybe someone can help.
Anyway those of you that are going to show in May with Richie are really going to enjoy yourselves I am so sure.
Tim played a nice mix of songs from Expando and his latest but for me the highlight of the evening was his performance of I can see everything. I totally didn't expect it and it has always been one of my favorites.
My wife and I double dated with Tyler's mom and dad enjoyed some great food nice wine and wonderful entertainment by Tim and his band. Oh,and the ladies were awesome especially on White boy from Sacramento. Loved it.
Take care all, Kev
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Re: Timothy B. Schmidt

Postby Gus » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:55 pm

I agree on "I can see everything" as a real highlight. I was also surprised by his harmonica playing. Very good.

Any else heading to see Richie Furay next Saturday in Green Lake Wisconsin?
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Re: Timothy B. Schmidt

Postby davidbhphd » Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:02 pm

Here's an new article/interview with TBS

https://www.yahoo.com/music/timothy-b-s ... 17006.html
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Re: Timothy B. Schmidt

Postby Grahame » Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:16 am

Could Tim's surname be spelt correctly please?! Pedantic maybe, but the Poco website should be correct!
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Timothy B. Schmit concerts

Postby Jiff » Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:53 pm

I saw him touring Expando in 2009 in a theater in Seattle. I liked his between-songs banter and he seemed relaxed and genuinely having a good time. Besides mostly guitar, he played some bass and harmonica then too. I wish he had played Find Out In Time from Indian Summer with its harmonica part, or his other songs from that album, Stay and Me And You. Those songs are why I bought his first solo album, Playin' It Cool. Good thing he got in the Eagles in time for The Long Run, making a name for himself with I Can't Tell You Why before they went on hiatus, the window for his solo albums.

Poco songs he did play in 2009 were Keep On Tryin and What Am I Gonna Do from From The Inside. Wish he played I Can See Everything then.

His fingerstyle playing on several Martins, a Taylor and others was pretty good, although I noticed that he lost the chord progression, jumping around to find the right one on a couple songs, including KOTryin. KOT, excellent vocals, as on several tunes, with nice harmonies from Chris Farmer, a "new friend" and touring Beach Boy. Same guy Kroney? Hank Linderman added harmonies too. He's a long time TBS engineer and guitarist. I had pre-concert reservations about the female backup singers (shrieky? too gospelly?), but they were just right and filled out the entertainment visually.

I think he played all of his new album, Expando, Feed The Fire and The Shadow from FTFire, and his Eagles tunes, ICTYWhy and LWKUAlive. I've only listened to Expando once, but I'll say most songs from it were nice, especially the rockier Parachute with Linderman doing some hot Tele work, and White Boy and Friday Night. Thanks to the Expando Singers, I found myself digging the gospel tinged Secular Praise. A couple songs near the start of the show were almost childlike with lightweight bass and drum.

Wish he would have played a winner or two from his first two albums. My request for Playin It Cool fell on deaf ears. Songs like Wrong Number, Take A Good Look Around You, Boys Night Out, Don't Give Up, etc. His third album, Tell Me The Truth, was a little too techno for me and probably his band.

Besides backup vocals, Linderman was also excellent on acoustic guitars, a Les Paul, a resonator and a ukulele that TBS' Eagles guitar tech, Bobby Carlos, also at least *held* on stage during one song. I couldn't hear it. I don't think Carlos played a small Bo Diddley-like knockoff guitar he also had.

With a couple standing O's as proof, the 250 of us really got our $20 worth.

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