Wildwood POCO/Mystery Dinner 2018

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Wildwood POCO/Mystery Dinner 2018

Postby rusty » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:29 pm

(it's mary), i happened to lose my pw, so i gotta write with Rusty's login.
OK, so who's in next year?
Wildwood asked us about doing something a little different and fun for next year 2018 Poco's 50th. Picture is Rusty having a little fun while trying to solve the mystery. He had no idea who dun it.
They are planning a "Kidnapping Mystery Dinner" Rusty didn't wanna get 'murdered'.
Also, Rusty said he'd only play along if he gets kidnapped by female space aliens.
So, Ladies... Any of you want a role?
I'm meeting with the coffee shop guy (Lanin at 'Art & Joe') He is writing the story.
He'll need names of those who'd like a role to play in the game.
We'll need plenty of guys too, someone has to be the detective, right?
And we'll need characters to rescue Rusty.
So, if you are planning to come to Steelville next October, 2018 & you would like to play a character in the mystery dinner, please email Mary at:
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