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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:52 pm
by rusty
Mary wrote:
Naomi Elkins “PINKY'
May 14th, 1963- November 12th 2017
Ursula, Naomi's Mother spoke to me this evening, here are some of the thoughts she shared:
“Naomi was born at 6:00 AM on Mother's Day; she was the 1st baby born in the hospital that day and the nurses told me I had a Mother's Day gift. Naomi was always brave and hardly ever complained even though she had health issues to deal with her entire life of 54 years. She had no better friends than her Poco friends and they meant the world to her.”
Ursula said she was so happy that Naomi took all those trips to see her favorite band and spend time with her Poconut friends. Her mother said when Naomi came to her house, they listened to opera music, but whenever Ursula visited Naomi, she had to listen to Poco music, but that was alright with her because she knew how much it meant to Naomi.
Naomi has been in hospice for some time now where she loved listening to Poco on her pink boom box. She passed away at 7:00pm last night while sleeping very peacefully. Her mother's last words to her were, “I Love You.”
A few months ago, Naomi's mother showed her a picture of the place where she would be buried. It is up on a hilltop between two very big Elm trees. There was a nest of baby birds in it the day she took the photo and there were two deer nearby eating grass.
Pinky loved animals maybe even more than she loved Poco. Every card she ever sent to us had a puppy or kitten on the front.
Her mother is donating one of my books that Naomi illustrated, “Zog the Dog”. She is giving it to the library at a school for Native American children in memory of Naomi. She said, "Then Naomi will still be touching the lives of others every time someone reads the book to a child."
Ursula reminded me of back when Naomi was illustrating the book, she tried to finish it quickly because her hands were beginning to be very shaky. She worked on the book every day until she completed the 21 illustrations. One day a few months ago, while Naomi was still able to talk to me on the phone, we had a conversation about the book. I wanted her to know that when the day came that she was no longer with us, that I was going to set up a foundation in her name called “Pinky's Pets” where 100% of the proceeds from the book 'Zog the Dog' would go to an animal shelter in Naomi's name.
{we'll set something up about this on the new Poco website}
Naomi will have pink carnations surrounding her at a very simple service on Wednesday, November 15th. She will have her Pink Poco bandanna folded in hands and they will play Poco music at her service. Her mother said she looked so beautiful and peaceful. We agreed, she must be enjoying her Pink angel wings.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:35 pm
by studiogirl
Thank you for your post. I've missed our sweet friend for a while now. I like knowing she's entering eternity in the presence of trees, birds and deer. She loved nature and the outdoors. "Pinky's Pets" is a fitting way to remember her....


PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:50 am
by wheland
Here's a link to Naomi's obituary- no big surprise but Poco ( and in particular Mary & Rusty) are integral to it.

I intend to be there.



PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:49 pm
by StevenT
Naomi always brought positivity to this community, from her innocent and beautiful artwork, to her very friendly interactions with one and all. What a sweetheart!

Somewhat interestingly, she passed on the birthday of an individual who, like herself, was born in Canada, and after whom Rusty named a song: "Neil Young".

In even unexpected ways she'll always have a connection to us. Rest in peace Pinky.


PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:09 am
by StalkerJenn
I had the pleasure of first meeting Naomi at my first Poco concert. It was the special DVD filming show May 20, 2004 in Nashville.

I eventually became friends with her and fellow Pennsylvania Poco fans Chuck and Dar, and for the next 4 years, we made it a habit of getting the group together for dinner before each Poco show. Overall, I must have attended at least 15 Poco shows which Naomi also attended. Back in this time period (2004-07), there was an unfortunate clash between 2 separate 'cliques' of East-Coast Poco fans, (known as Poconuts), but Naomi was the one person who I remember got along with everyone.

As I myself became an even bigger Poco fan, I found myself taking in many Poco concerts out west in California, and i recall meeting many West Coast Poconuts who would often asking me if i had met the famous Pinky, and what she was like. She was actually on par with the band in terms of her celebrity status as Poco royalty!

A few other fun memories with Naomi, would include a pre-concert Pizza party at her house back when she lived near Philly, and to attend her home and see so much pink Poco merchandise and paraphernalia, was amazing. she even created her very own Poco board game! She also did me a great favour one fall afternoon by VHS taping a local Philadelphia sporting event off tv for me, and mailing me the tape in Canada!

I'll always remember her as a soft kind caring person who never had a bad thing to say about anyone. I will also remember her genuine interest in getting to know the various Poco fans from all over the world, who would come to the many Poco gigs she attended in the NY/NJ/PA and MD areas.

Finally, as she was born in Saskatchewan, we joked that the two of us were the co-chairs of the Canadian Poco fan club (which really didn't exist). I lost touch with many of the Poco fans when i moved 1000s miles away from the Poco fanbelt area, but still feel a strong sense of both sadness and pride when i think of Naomi and all the great concerts we got to see that featured Poco. She has definitely left a strong mark on the legacy of this legendary band. I will always remember her with fondness.

We all had nicknames back in the yahoo Poco chat room days, so here's "Stalker" saying farewell to my friend "Pink Plaid Pensylvania Poco Person", Naomi. You will always be remembered!


PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:23 am
by rusty
Jenn, that was a very sweet read. thank you.
did you post it in Naomi's guest book?
And please post photos of Pinky there too.


PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:19 pm
by StalkerJenn
thanks Mary, yes, a lot of great memories.. and yes, i have the note and the pics onto her obit site now..