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Postby Here In GR » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:50 pm

Hi. Here is the link for the show that will be here in Grand Rapids in November. . The tickets have not gone on sale yet, only the season tickets. The regular concert tickets will go on sale on Monday morning, October 12th. This show is being very well promoted in print and on the actual radio! By the way there is a country Rock station out of Muskeegeon that plays POCO nearly every day! Go figure!And I have personaly distributed the fall season pamphlets around town as well. This theatre is new and is a GREEN environmentaly friendly building, perhaps the greenest in the state with the highest LEEDS raiting possable. Since the day it opened I have been out there for many events, the first concert I went to was ALISON BROWN! Has any one else seen her? She has a new album out and is on the cover of the Dirty Linnen magazine. I also saw America there. And there is also local artwork always on display in the lobby. Free parking and 100% NO smoking! I know the director and she is a VERY nice and suportive person. I have been talking to her about the possability of this event for several years now. And don't forget going to see the gianormous sculpture of the HORSE that was designed by MR. L. DaVinci himself! What a POCOPHOTO op! It's at
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