Speaking of The Who and other recent purchases

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Speaking of The Who and other recent purchases

Postby mikec » Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:57 am

There is a new DVD out available at Best Buy called Rachel Fuller presents: In The Attic with Pete Townshend and friends. It has 2 cd's and 1 DVD for 13.88. Has anyone heard it. Pete is such a great player and writer. There is a 4 song set he does on acoustic that is fantastic. I was also recently at a CD & Record Convention looking around at stuff and asking if anyone had anything on Poco and some guy had this past years Stagecoach for sale. Thought that was interesting to see. Also got both Great Plains CD's. Hooked on Homeland.Also got New Breed's CD. Some pretty good stuff on there. Mannassas Pieces was an old thread. Very good quality. Steven's playing sounds great.
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