It's a small Poco world...

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It's a small Poco world...

Postby hzryb » Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:29 pm

I thought I'd share this story as I wait to board yet another plane.

I was driving from the airport to our hotel with a colleague on my CBS football crew on Friday. I had not met this guy before, and it was his first time on our crew. I had XM in the car, and tuned it to "Deep Tracks." On came an acoustic, solo version of CSN's "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" (It might have been from Stills "Just Roll Tape" collection, but I'm not sure. In any event, we started talking about CSN, and my colleague replied that he loved them.

Right about this time, my wife called me on my cell, and my colleague replied with some astonishment when my phone rang, "Is that 'Call It Love' by Poco as your ringtone?" I replied that it was indeed, and was kind of surprised that he 1) knew the song and 2) knew the band.

He said he loves Poco, has seen them a bunch of times, and through what we in New York call "Jewish Geography" he said a friend of a friend, yada yada yada is Mary Young's sister!

It appears to be a small Poco world!

OK, it's time to board my flight... wonder what I'm going to be playing tonight on my iPod!
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