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Postby Here In GR » Sat Oct 17, 2009 10:16 am

I LOVE the show Accoustic Cafe which is played all over the country but origionates in Ann Arbor Michigan. Back when Poco played up at the Bliss Fest the Host Rob Rinehart said that he would like to interview them live in his studio sometime. Anyway, yesterday I went to my community radio station to volunteer answering the phones during this program and the host was there in person! So I introduced myself and pesonaly invited himk to our POCO-PPL-Firefall concert right here in Grand Rapids in November! And I showed him the Live Accoustic and Autographed Bareback at Big Sku album which I personaly donated to our station and they actually PLAY on the actual radio! He is a great guy and perhaps he'll come back for the show. Go to
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