Tickets Availble for the Newton, NJ Show

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Tickets Availble for the Newton, NJ Show

Postby wheland » Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:52 am

I know for some this will be deja vu all over again but it happens often because I tend to buy my tickets as early as possible and it seems that often life gets in the way.

I have 3 tickets for the show in Newton, NJ on 2-26-16. I am willing to sell them in any multiple to anyone who wants them. One, two or all three if possible. The cost is $ 34.00 a piece.

They are located in the Center Orchestra Section in Row N starting with the aisle seat # 114. The other two seats are #112 and # 113. Please contact me via private message or via e-mail at wheland at yahoo dot com (just reformat the e-mail correctly. This is an open forum so I don't want a bot to get my e-mail).

Thanks for reading this and keep the smarta** comments short and sweet, please. :D

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