Richie; Coach House 10/20/17

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Richie; Coach House 10/20/17

Postby Bogeyfire » Sun Oct 22, 2017 2:44 am

As fans might expect. Richie was in great form.

Richie met as many friends as he could find, before and after the show.

Richie is as full of energy as could be imagined. (He's 73?!!)

Jessie is an angel. (Okay, everyone knew that.)

So many Poconuts were there in San Juan Capistrano! They traveled from near and far.

I know special love comes from Richie, but in case you missed it on FB, our gal, Studiogirl, Carolyn dropped down from Santa Barbara to sell merch. Richie calls her a "friend of 50yrs.".

Dedication from all. And, what a show!!!

I didn't shoot video, but there is plenty on FB of the show from our Poconuts!
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