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Wildwwod 2018

Postby marc » Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:42 am

Terrific concert at Wildwood last night.

The band sounded great, plenty of PSG, Magnolia and Indian Summer back in the set, Rusty playing great, Jack being Jack which is always a good thing, Rick banging the hell out of his drum set and sounding great and Lex on the Mandolin, Guitar and Fiddle and vocals. A re-energized performance sounding a lot like Poco “When It All Began.” I hear that there’s already talk of Poco at Wildwood in 2019!

And lets not forget how wonderful it was to see George Grantham playing drums on “Childs Claim To Fame.” Yea, George back behind the drums. For all long time Poco fans, how great was that?

Another magic night with Poco and the best part is that we get to do it all again tonight!

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Re: Wildwwod 2018

Postby wheland » Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:38 am

Glad to hear this. wish I had been there. Saw George live so many times and it would have been great to see him behind the drums again.

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Re: Wildwwod 2018

Postby mcdtj » Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:30 am

Wildwood is always a good time: lots of avid and long-time fans, extended sets, Poco alums often sittin' in, an intimate venue, and audio techs who know how Poco should sound.

Hope everyone enjoys tonight's show even more than last night's.
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Re: Wildwwod 2018

Postby studiogirl » Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:55 am

I wish I were there!! Life just seems to get in the way now and then. Thanks to Ilene (Mrs. Plowhorse) for some photos and video on Facebook. Hope everybody has a great time...again!!
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Re: Wildwwod 2018

Postby ctkeith » Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:59 pm

Wow! Excellent shows Friday and Saturday at Wildwood. Lots of PSG, great vocals including George Grantham for more than one song and George Grantham on Drums for a song (I hope somebody taped it and posts it on you tube).
Welcome Lex, great job, The band was certainly All Fired Up this weekend including an encore Saturday “Route 66” Lot’s of energy and as always great musicianship. I also have to send congrats to Bob Bell, the food was excellent both nights!
Great to see and talk to the poconuts that I don't see regularly that traveled from far.
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Re: Wildwwod 2018

Postby fanjack12 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:14 pm

Sure is great to read the news, but couldn't the photos and videos be shared here on the website and not just facebook?
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Re: Wildwood 2018

Postby TonySTL » Tue Oct 30, 2018 1:40 pm

Peg, Fergus and I got into Steelville Friday afternoon. We had plans on Friday night and tickets for the Saturday night show. We popped into the Lodge on Friday evening just curious if we would catch up with a few Poconuts between sets.
Said hello to a couple old friends and just needed to run inside quick and use the restroom before we went on to our other commitment. Glad I did!
Mary asked us if we could stay just a few minutes for something...Well, got to see Rusty's acoustic A Little Rain, the way I first saw him play it at Wildwood. Then he announced that George Grantham was going to sit-in on drums for A Child's Claim... and I told Peg we were staying for a bit longer. It was special to hear his vocals and hear him again on drums. Visited with Chuck and Jaynie who were in from Costa Rica. I love Poco but I really love me some Poconuts!

When we arrived on Sat afternoon for seating assignments (more on that later), ran into Ed and Donna, TJ, Marc, English Dave and some other great folks, Bob told me that he would make sure that my guide dog, Fergus, Peg and I would have aplace to sit that would be best for Fergus. All I can say about where we sat was that the sound was excellent and Fergus was out of the way of foot traffic and direct blast from speakers.
Show kicked off with All Fired Up and it was clearly the correct opening song for that night! PUTP and Grand Junction followed. PSG was around most of the night and the sound was incredible thanks to Rusty's special made amp. Indian Summer and Magnolia were great and Lex handled vocals quite well. HOTN was back in form with the PSG as well. Other songs, no particular order were, Neil Young, My Friends, Hey There from Rusty's WOTS solo, both great with Lex's talented fiddle! A Little Rain, A Child's Claim To Fame with George on Drums and backing vocals. Funny moment when Rusty asked George when he last played with Poco and George answered, "Last night!" I know that that moment was filmed by quite a few people so I hope it shows up somewhere. They did have the only real sound problem on Childs CTF but George just kept the rhythm going until the right knobs were turned and the proper gain of the instruments was established by the sound dudes. Hard Country with PSG and I believe the fiddle as well was fresh and it bloomed into the crescendo of guitars that placed the Rock before the Country! ROC was beautiful and ended with the extra verse that sounded great. I probably missed a couple of songs. Jack gave me a quick pat on the back and the band went back onstage for a fun version of Route 66 with Lex on lead vocals. Fun!

I forgot to mention Crazy Love and AGFTK which were both sung with a strong Rusty Young lead vocal. Missing was KOT but my thought is that Lex was already learning a lot of new stuff and the vocal parts of that will take a little more time ...or, they just cut it out and I'm okay either way!

Vocals were EXCELLENT all night and Rusty was as strong as I've ever heard. Lex is a great addition on vocals and REALLY scorched the lead guitar throughout the night. Jack was spot on and I loved that I could pick up his stage monitor from where I was sitting and enjoy his playing. Rick is a fantastic drummer and I was able to hear much of his finer stuff in the mmusic mix plus my seating location. His vocals are very welcomed in the music as well. Plus, he is a great guy who matches Rusty for levity in the group.

It was a great show that Peg and I enjoyed as well as seeing old friends, Keith and Linda, Bob and Ellen, John and Ileen (loved the visit!), Bill and Janet (reminiscing of our Lawrence KS trip, with Ed and Donna. Always good to say hi and chat with Ginger and missed some of the local crew. Most of all, loved that Peg got to visit with George and Debbie Grantham as they are just down home friendly folks. Thanks to Bob Bell for taking care of my Pocomutt guide and for actually being funny this year! Bob did announce that they are looking at handling the seating differently next year but I am not sure I understood the "finer points" of how they will handle assigned seating. I guess that would be a hint of WSL2019 wouldn't you? Looks like Head East will be in the concert lineup next year as well...he said "original lineup" so I wonder if that means John Schlit as well? I'd be surprised.

Tired now but it was fun recapping a great weekend and I want to end that I am a huge Rusty Young fan and leave Wildwood an even bigger fan every year! Thanks Rusty for keeping it alive and fresh. Wishing only the best for all of Poco, old and new and...yet to come?

Happy 50 Years...The Dairy Isle in Steelville had a large sign wishing Rusty and Poco a Happy 50th Anniversary!
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