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Postby rusty » Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:42 pm

It was a sad day when I read on Paul's website that he wasn't coming to Wildwood and I guess that means he's leaving the band. Paul's been an inspiration, a best friend and a shoulder to lean on for much of my life.
I'll miss him.
We'll all miss him. But it sounds like he's working with some great new musicians and is excited about the future. Paul's turning a new page in his life and so will Poco. It's not like we haven't been through this before. Change can be exciting and good things can come from challenges.
Jack, George and I love playing the songs that have brought us all together and sharing the memories that come with them. We're looking forward to playing with old friends this year and hey, ya' never know, maybe Paul will want to 'sit in' sometime.
If there's one thing that has seperated Poco from other bands over the past forty-some years it's our Poconuts. I've seen the tight bonds you guys have formed with one another and the joy we all get from a Poco concert. (Although, when I look down at the same faces in the front row from one night to the next, I have had moments where I wonder if I'm losing my mind.) You guys have stood by us through thick and thin and I hope that will never change.
Hang on, this could be quite a ride...
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