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New POCO Website & stuff

Postby mary » Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:49 pm

Welcome to the new POCO website! Rusty and I will probably use the same login info for posting and writing in his journal at least for now. He says thanks to everyone for all your patience while we took forever to get this new site up. And there are still many kinks to work out, so please continue that much appreciated patience a little while longer. Hopefully, the store will open within a couple of weeks displaying all the accurate prices. The shopping cart will handle the s&h at checkout. Until the new merchandise link works, ... ndise.html

please feel free to email me with your Poco merch orders.
BTW, I just got a new batch of 72 hats. Green or kaki with the horseshoe embroidered on the front, and blue or black with the horse embroidered on the front and POCO on the back. They are $25 shipped to you. The denim jackets should be ready very soon; I’ll let you know as soon as they come in. Thanks again for all the orders and we’ll see some of you next week in CA & CO. Rusty & I plan to visit Rusty’s mom ‘Ruth’ in Denver on her birthday next Friday June 26th. Hope all the Dad’s out there had a wonderful Father’s Day today! Rusty & Will spent the weekend together here in MO. They went fishing yesterday until all the fish got full from all the worms. So we grilled chicken for Father’s Day. It was a fun week having Will here to dog sit Zog while we were in the northeast, and then a few extra days to hang out with Rusty. Speaking of Zog, he weighs 22 pounds & he knows 7 tricks. He’s the coolest dog I ever had. Well, that’s all the news from the cabin for now. Stay in touch,
email me for international merch orders, Mary Young
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