Journal Jan. 2013

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Journal Jan. 2013

Postby rusty » Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:43 pm

HAPPY 2013! Can you believe it…2013! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mary and I had a lot of fun, lots of family get-togethers in St. Louis and guests here at the cabin around Christmas and New Years. I even got to see Will and Sara just before Christmas. The big news is Sara got engaged on Christmas Eve. Tyler’s a great guy and I’m happy for them. Meanwhile, Will’s new son Chandler is growing faster and cuter every day. Will swears he heard him humming ‘Rose of Cimarron’ the other day.
I know I wrote we’d finish the CD in January, but things didn’t go as planned. Because that didn’t fit everyone’s schedule, I drove to Nashville in December and we finished the recording and mixed the CD before Christmas. Mastering the CD will be on the 9th of January and that means the recording is complete! We did a photo shoot while I was there and now we’re finishing up the artwork with credits and cover art. We should have the CD ready to go by the end of January or early February.
Thanks to everyone who’s pre-ordered the CD. Hope you like the title song-‘All Fired Up’! We can’t wait until you hear the rest of the CD. It’s really cool! Jack and Michael did an amazing job playing, singing, writing and engineering on the project. You won’t believe how good it sounds. And kudos to Ben Strano, who did the final mixing and did a masterful job.
Mary’s been swamped by CD pre-orders and new merchandise she just got in. Check out the new items for 2013. Scroll down to the bottom of the web-store page. We now have soft 100% cotton sweatshirts & jackets (pre-wash look).

I’ve got January to relax here at the cabin, except for a KSHE radio party at the Ameristar Casino in St. Louis. KSHE has always been a huge Poco supporter and anytime they want me to show up and sing a couple songs, I’m happy to oblige. This shindig is being held at the Bottle Neck Blues Bar- a place Poco’s played many times over the years and one of my favorite places to play in St. Louis. The best part is there is an amazing seafood bar next to the Bottle Neck Blues Bar! Oh boy!
We just booked rooms in Nashville for Mary and me and a kennel for Zog the Dog, (Zog isn’t very picky-he just wants a large flat screen and the Animal Planet Channel), for our Feb. 16th show at the Franklin Theater. It’s a beautiful old theater south of Nashville where we’re celebrating the new CD release and concert. The plan is to perform songs from the new CD, then after a short intermission, play a set of Poco ‘classics’. It marks the beginning of the 45th year of new Poco music and is turning into a sort of Wildwood South. It looks like a lot of the ‘Nuts’ are gonna’ be there, including most of the folks who helped us record ‘All Fired Up’ last year. I’ve heard that Poconuts from coast to coast are coming. Tickets just went on sale at the Franklin Theater website, so if you want to come and join us, get on it soon because tickets are really going fast.
Well, here’s to a great 2013 and one more year of great Poco music!
P.S. Just found out there’s a Poco channel on Pandora. Can’t wait to check it out!
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